Salon Foundation Cutting Course
Experience the best in professional haircut education and discover trends, techniques and innovate new products
2 days. Up to 10 people. Practice

Salon Foundation Cutting 2 Days Course

4th – 5th February 2020, Mumbai
15th – 16th February 2020, Mumbai
11th – 12th March 2020, Jakarta
Natasha's Salon Foundation Cutting course has been created to upgrade, strengthen and improve your core cutting techniques. Its aim is to reinforce your confidence and to grow and develop your current abilities. All haircuts are commercial, which means that you can offer them to your customers. Natasha doesn't use thinning scissors at work. Haircuts are carried out with scissors with a straight blade. When styling a hairstyle, a minimal amount of styling products is used.

It's the one-stop destination for the most interactive experience in professional haircut beauty. For professionals, salon owners, students, industry influencers and educators

'I generally think that the art of haircuts depends on your understanding of the client, so it's important to maximize interaction with him during work
Введите сообщение.'

- Natasha Germanova


The course will be useful in that you will learn how to correctly divide the hair into sections, taking into account all the wishes of the client, to make the right angle of draw and cut.

All haircuts are developed according to a special technology of unadulterated sections, which allows not to use complex styling in future, a lot of styling and a long time do not require correction.
You will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental elements of the basis and will be provided with the knowledge needed to enhance and refine these elemental cutting techniques, necessary for progression to advanced skills. Through demonstrations and practical workshops, you will be taught how to facilitate client consultations, including essential elements of suitability; hair density; texture; face shapes and lifestyles.
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  • Demonstrations
    Practical cut sessions on live models
  • Creation of geometric shapes
  • Basic division into zones
  • Lines, Graduation and Layering techniques
  • Combining techniques
  • Finishing techniques
  • Use of Product practice
  • Understanding suitability lecture
  • For aspiring salon staff trainers who wish to learn fundamental cutting techniques
  • For stylists in the final stages of training who wish to gain more confidence in their skills
  • For stylists wanting to perfect specific elements of their education, and
2 days
haircuts for long hair (progression)
10:00 - Theory
11:00 - The first haircut demonstration with a live model
12:00 - The second haircut demonstration with a live model model haircut (demo)
13:00 - The third haircut demonstration with a live model model haircut (demo)
14:00-15:00 - break
15:00 - 17:30 - Practical lesson Workshop – an in-depth look at techniques
18:00 - Final
haircuts on short and medium hair (graduation)

10:00 - The first haircut demonstration with a live model
11:00 - The second haircut demonstration with a live model model haircut (demo)
12:00 - The third haircut demonstration with a live model model haircut (demo)
13:00 - 14:00 Break
14:00 - 17:00 Practical session Workshop – working on key techniques.
17:30 delivery of certificates
18:00 - Final
This course runs 2 days. Haircut course takes place in small groups, maximum 10 people.
Demonstration session
$90 + VAT
1 day pass
$200 + VAT
2 days pass
$400 + VAT
Per 2 days