Master class on stage
The next big thing to happen in the world of beauty in India will be at the Master Class And Show from Top Hair Stylist
One day. Up to 500 people. 5 hours

Master Class And Show from Top Hair Stylist

8th February 2020, Mumbai
22th February 2020, Mumbai
14th March 2020, Jakarta
I'll present to your attention the collection of fashion trends SS 2020 in haircuts, dyeing and textures, which I have developed specifically for India.
Demonstration of haircuts and fashionable techniques of dyeing Air-Touch. I do not use thinning scissors at work. Haircuts are carried out with scissors with a straight blade. When styling a hairstyle, a minimal amount of styling products is used.

'From the best modern trends, the Master Class on Stage will be packed with not-to-be-missed talent showcasing the latest trends and sharing tips and techniques for you to take back to the salon. Commercial haircuts will leave you inspired for your client haircut..'

- Natasha Germanova


At the master class, 4 haircuts and one coloring will be shown, during a coffee break and light snacks, at the end of the master class will be a model show and a press conference.
The basis of all haircuts is the exact division into sections for a further plan of work with unreconciled sections and the correct distribution of volume, corners of guy wires and precise cuts.

You will also see a presentation of my collection in a show format that I made specifically for India. At the end of the event I will answer your questions.
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  • Demonstrations
  • Practical cut sessions on live models
  • Creation of geometric shapes
  • Basic division into zones
  • Lines, Graduation and Layering techniques
  • Finishing technique
  • For aspiring salon staff trainers who wish to learn fundamental cutting techniques
  • For stylists in the final stages of training who wish to gain more confidence in their skills
  • For stylists wanting to perfect specific elements of their education, and
1 day
14:00 - start of the presentation of world stylists' fashion trends
14:30 - demonstration of staining Air-touch
15:00 - demonstration of the 1st haircut
15:30 - demonstration of the 2nd haircut
16:00 - break
16:30 - demonstration of the result of staining
17:00 - demonstration of the 3rd haircut
17:30 - demonstration of the 4th haircut
18:00 - final show of models
18:10 - press conference
19:00 end
Demonstration session
$130 + VAT