Natasha Germanova Top Hair Stylist

Fueled by a passion for hair, color and creativity, Natasha's approach has made her one of the most sought after hair stylists and colorists in the world. Perfecting her technique for over 20 years, Natasha sets trends that turns heads. An expert at hairdressing and coloring every type of hair and texture, Natasha's work helps clients reinvent themselves & rediscover their best selves.

'I loves nothing more than to help women and men present the best version of themselves'

- Natasha Germanova

  • Vidal Sassoon Academy (London)
  • Accademia Nazionale Acconciatori Misti (Milan),
  • Dolores Academy (Moscow).
Natasha's hairdressing skills have made her a winner at the Hairdressing Championships, both regionally and nationally. She is also two-time European Hairdressing Champion and holds many other Russian hairdressing titles. Based in Russia, Natasha was a top session stylist of Londa Professional and is currently also Creative Director at Natasha Germanova Hairdressing Studio in Moscow.

Natasha also works with fashion designers around the Globe and has extensive experience leading master classes and seminars and currently she is official judge and teacher of the Union of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists of Russia (SPIKr). In addition to his work in Russia, Natasha also has international experience, working in London, Paris, Milan kjband Dublin on photoshoots and other projects.